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Project Halcyon Distillery

“A cocktail bar of illicit charm and opulence, with a state of the art distillery”
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Set to the backdrop of a turn of the century illicit warehouse blues bar. Project Halcyon Distillery is a cocktail bar based in the heart of Manchester, that offers an array of various wonders; An exciting and innovative seasonal cocktail menu, Craft spirits and liqueurs produced onsite, and immersive masterclass sessions distilling spirits as well as spirit tastings and cocktail masterclasses.


After careful consideration we have decided to close the doors for a while in an attempt to slow the spread of Covid-19. We would like to apologise to those who have bookings coming up.
We are currently working hard as a team to find our way through these uncertain times so stay tuned. For now stay safe.

The whole team at Project Halcyon

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