The Stillroom

The Stillroom

The stillroom, its where it all starts.

The stillroom is our inhouse distillery and laboratory, its where we create all of our spirits, liqueurs, tinctures, ferments, cordials, syrups, shrubs, bitters and garnishes. We use it a lot and you can find the team working away in here daily, when we are not making ingredients for the parlour we open the stillroom up to our guests and invite you to join us and experience the art, craft, secrets, and history of cocktails and distilling with our fully immersive stillroom sessions.

Whether your drink is a scotch on the rocks, a French 75 or an espresso martini. We offer a range of sessions and classes to suit your taste. Each of our stillroom sessions has been carefully tailored by our team.

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secrets of distilling

It’s simple. You are welcomed with a drink before enjoying a 3 hour distilling session. Take a journey through history learning all the secrets about the spirits and the journey it takes to be mixed into your cocktail. Indulge on a cocktail fitting with the era and your chosen class. Carefully select your botanicals or spices, then distill, bottle and label your spirit. Finally, enjoy the fruits of your labour with a signature serve utilising your bespoke spirit.

Spiced Rum

Explore the spirit that shaped the modern world, whilst creating your very own spiced rum. Select your perfect balance of fruits and spices, before distilling your custom spiced rum. Blend your distillate with a selection of dark rums to create your perfect spiced rum. We have carefully created this class to accelerate the process of spiced rum meaning you will not have to wait for it to macerate and age but instead enjoy your spirit over a cocktail, Spirit & Mixer or on the rocks.

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Take a journey through the dramatic history of gin whilst sipping on a classic cocktail of the times. Don’t sit still whilst distilling, work with our team and mix your own botanicals to create your custom made gin. Finally, enjoy your gin over a well deserved G&T.

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Spirit tasting sessions

Spirit tasting sessions

Take one of our cocktail masterclasses! Enjoy a welcome drink provided by one of our team, then show us what you’ve got and make three cocktails of your own. These cocktails vary depending on your desired class, below shows the different styles we offer:

Scotch on the Rocks

Get a taste of Scotland and identify the nuances of scotch dependent on their region. Indulge your way from Islay to Campbeltown, the Highlands & Lowlands, Speyside and then round it all off with a nice blend.

The War of the Waters

A spirit best drunk by the sea, indulge the senses like a true pirate or navy general with our potent rum tasting. Get aboard and explore the differences in English, French and Spanish style rums.

Dawn of the New World

Experience how the difference in grain used to produce whiskey can achieve such a varied end product. Explore the vast array of the whiskey styles that shaped America.

Tonic Needs Elixir

Discover the truths behind Britain’s most popular spirit and how it shaped a nation, in our Gin tasting class.

Facts, Fiction and Fairies

Elegant and sophisticated. Taste your way through a range of Absinthe’s and unravel the myths behind the truly decadent spirit

Cocktail Masterclasses

Cocktail Masterclass

Take one of our cocktail masterclasses! Enjoy a welcome drink provided by one of our team, then show us what you’ve got and make three cocktails of your own. These cocktails vary depending on your desired class, below shows the differents styles we offer:

English Elegance

Taking you back to the halcyon days of the big smoke where vodka and gin flowed freely. Discover and create British classic cocktails from a traditional gin punch, a fruit cup to a bramble to the infamous Espresso Martini.

Revolution, revolt and the runners of rum

Set sail across the seas and discover the tropics. combine rum with carribean flavours and tiki treasures. Learn the history of the islands with the spirit that helped shape them. Travel from the rough shores of bermuda with a Dark and Stormy, to the home of the mojito in havana, before crossing into international waters with a rum runner and finally docking in LA for a mai tai.

Temperance and Prohibition

Learn about potent concoctions indulged in the shadows of American prohibition. Tipples loved by Gangsters and politicians alike; imbibe upon a Whiskey Highball, the Southside Fizz, a New York Sour and the notorious Old Fashioned.

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