The Buffalo Trace Trolley is here!

‘Legendary whiskey and and World famous bourbon brand ‘Buffalo Trace’, who have collected quite a raft of awards themselves down the years, have teamed up for a brand new collaboration with award winning cocktail bar Project Halcyon Distillery.

Project Halcyon and Buffalo Trace have launched the absolutely brilliant and stylish ‘old fashioned drinks trolley’, making fresh glasses of the iconic cocktail with carefully selected blends by our expert steam and Buffalo Trace themselves.

The experience launched in June and will see the drinks trolley that many would associate with the like of gin and martinis reimagined for the classic whiskey-based cocktail staple, which gives an added personal touch which adds even more of an experience and aesthetic, helping Project Halcyon to become even more of a unique, classic, special place to drink, relax and enjoy’.

See you at…the trolley!

Read the Full article here in The Manc-

Project Halcyon & Buffalo Trace Trolley – Read the article here